Play waterless Holi: TV stars urge fans

For most people, the festival of Holi has been about water balloons, water guns, tubs full of coloured water and multifarious colours – but leading Indian TV actors like Sanjeeda Sheikh and Karan Grover urge their fans to play a “waterless” Holi.

Here’s what the actors have to say:

Surbhi Joyti: As a kid, every year as Holi approached, I loved going to the terrace with my friends in the evenings and splashing colours on them. I never realised back then about the amount of water we were wasting, but now as a responsible citizen, I feel everybody should opt for a waterless Holi and use organic gulaal to ensure that they do not end up damaging their skin in the bargain.

Sanjeeda Sheikh: I used to love playing Holi with water but now I have realised the need to conserve the most important resource of our planet. I have made a promise to myself that I will play Holi with organic colours and gulaal. I urge the viewers and my fans also to practice the same. Wishing all my fans a colourful and ‘waterless’ Holi.

Mansi Shrivastav: I love Holi as it is one festival when I get to be with my entire family. I have some extremely fond memories of Holi as a kid when I used to throw water balloons at the passers-by and would ensure that everybody around is drenched in water and colours. This year on Holi, my family and I will avoid wasting water and will play with safe colours during the day.

Karan Singh Grover: Conserving water should be every individual’s priority. While Holi is a fun festival to celebrate, I request everyone to play smartly.

Digangana Suryavanshi: I love the festival of Holi. It’s fun to get together and feel the excitement of this colorful festival. This Holi I would like all my fans to be conscious about wasting water unnecessarily and play it in a way that helps the environment.

Ali Asgar: Most of us actors are busy all the time and rarely get leisure time to spend with our families. Holi is one occasion where I always stay at home with my family and spend time meeting friends and other extended family members and exchange pleasantries.

Ishita Dutta: “I have very fond childhood memories of playing Holi with my family and friends. With loads of colour and good food, Holi has always been a festival we look forward to. This year I am supporting the initiative of water conservation and I have consciously chosen to play without water.

Raqesh Vashisht: Each time during a festival, what excites me the most are the savouries prepared specially for the guests visiting our home. I have a sweet tooth and gujiyas are my weakness.

Roopal Tyagi: The exuberant colours of Holi bring along with them a spirit of joy, naughtiness and enthusiasm. It’s a special time of the year to remember those who are close to our hearts and have a little fun with them by splashing colours. As responsible citizens, we should save water and use only organic colours.

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